More than 15.000 ID.3 now pre-booked !!

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More than 15.000 ID.3 now pre-booked !!

Post by EVhappy » Mon May 20, 2019 6:03 pm

Below a press release from Volkswagen Denmark from May 16th. You can also find more details on the 3 versions of ID.3 1st offered below :)

The new ID.3 electric car from Volkswagen has got a tremendous start with over 15,000 pre-bookings in Europe by the special version ID.3 1ST. In Denmark, there has also been a great interest in pre-booking of ID.3 1ST, which has a number of unique features and up to 420 km range (WLTP).

With the presentation of an easily camouflaged ID.3 for the world press in Berlin on May 8, Volkswagen's major e-mobility venture took a more concrete form. On the same day, Volkswagen opened for pre-booking of ID.3 1ST- a special version with a number of unique equipment and design details - which customers will receive before ID.3 is introduced at the Danish Volkswagen dealerships in the summer of 2020. Interest for ID .3 1ST is huge and after one week over 15,000 of the total of 30,000 pieces ID.3 1ST in Europe are booked. The Danes have also shown great interest in ID.3, because the pre-bookings are registered at a high pace, especially in relation to the fact that no one has tried or seen an ID.3 in finished form. The world premiere of ID.3 only takes place at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, where prices for all ID.3 models will also be published.

Should a customer fail to pre-book an ID.3 1ST, it is possible to go to filed himself register, create a Volkswagen ID and come on a waiting list. They will be contacted and offered an ID.3 1ST, in which case a customer cancels his pre-booking, and an ID.3 1ST thus becomes vacant. Should there not be an ID.3 1STfree, they will be contacted by the dealer for the purchase of one of the other ID.3 versions.

These customers will be regularly informed of news in relation to ID.3, and should there not be an ID.3 1ST free, they will be contacted by the dealer when opening for ordering the other ID.3 models.

Volkswagen Denmark's director, Mads Ries Lauvring, says: “We are impressed by and proud of the great interest that exists about our forthcoming ID.3. It demonstrates confidence in Volkswagen's extensive investment in e-mobility and commitment to the development of a new generation of groundbreaking ID cars. It also shows that the Danish car buyers are ready for change. They are ready to buy a new car online and they are ready to embrace e-mobility and invest in an electric car. The interest in pre-booking of ID.3 shows a confidence in our brand's visions for e-mobility in general and for ID.3 in particular. ”

Volkswagen will offer the ID.3 1ST special version in four different colours and in three versions. All versions will be equipped with large rims and a comprehensive equipment level: The ID.3 1ST comes with many convenient features such as voice control and navigation system, and in the ID.3 1ST PLUS version you get additional IQ. Light-headlights and two-coloured exterior and interior. On the top model ID.3 1ST Max, you get a great panorama roof and innovative features like the AR head-up display (Augmented Reality). ID.3 1ST is equipped with a 58 kWh (net) battery that provides a range of 420 km. In addition to this battery, the other ID.3 models will also be offered with a 45 kWh battery with up to 330 km range and one of 77 kWh with a range of up to 550 km. All versions of ID.3 can be charged at 100 and 125 kW, which means that an ID.3 with the smallest battery pack of 45 kWh at a charge power of 100 kW can achieve at least 260 km range in approximately 30 minutes.

All versions of ID.3 will be produced in CO2-neutral form in the sense that the production at the factory in Zwickau is powered by energy from renewable energy sources. Where it is not possible to eliminate CO2 emissions, this is compensated for by investing in other climate projects. The production of ID.3 at the factory in Zwickau will begin at the end of 2019, but 200 pre-production samples have already been produced to test various production processes. When the production is up and running, the factory will produce up to 1,500 electric cars a day by both ID.3 and other upcoming MEB-based electric cars from the Volkswagen Group's other brands.

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Re: More than 15.000 ID.3 now pre-booked !!

Post by Rob » Tue May 28, 2019 7:33 am

Great thanks for sharing this article. Let’s hope they can keep up with the demand and customers don’t end up with a long wait.

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Re: More than 15.000 ID.3 now pre-booked !!

Post by Rndy34 » Sat Sep 21, 2019 9:45 pm

Wow, I had no idea this many people would be getting one! I shouldn't be surprised though because the price is very affordable and the car itself is stunning both on the inside and the outside. I have a feeling my wife is going on want one next.

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