New ID.3 and future ID. models to be equipped with batteries offering the highest capacity

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New ID.3 and future ID. models to be equipped with batteries offering the highest capacity

Post by Rob » Mon Jun 17, 2019 11:06 am

In 2017, Volkswagen consolidated its battery development activities at a Centre of Excellence. Among other things, this centre is responsible for ensuring that all batteries in the ID. family retain their maximum capacity over a very long period of time and are thus able to guarantee long-range operation. “Our goal is to make sure the ID. batteries last as long as the cars”, says Frank Blome, Head of the Centre of Excellence in Salzgitter. (See Volkswagen Offer Eight Year Warranty on Batteries: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=79 )


High charging capacity makes for quick charging times

Volkswagen will offer the ID. batteries in different sizes. This marks a completely new departure as compared to the approach taken with the brand’s current range of electric vehicles. If an owner of an ID. vehicle is not really interested in being able to drive long distances (for example because they mainly only drive short distances in a city), they can opt for a battery with a relatively low energy content. This, in turn, will make their vehicle less expensive. Those who frequently drive long distances, on the other hand, can choose a larger battery, which will make them more flexible in terms of how they use their car. Depending on the battery and vehicle type in question, a maximum range of approx. 330 to 550 kilometres (WLTP) can be achieved. Volkswagen also designed the batteries to be able to accommodate a charging capacity of up to 125 kW, which is higher than anything achieved to date in the ID.3 segment and ensures fast charging and shorter charging stops.

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